Saturday, February 25, 2023

a real dessert

So the month of stouts finishes, and I have a very nice brewery with something that might be very nice.  Frau Gruber sounds like it should be kept until Women's History Month, but it was actually the work of two brewdudes (the Frau comes from the surname of one of them, so it's not actually any kind of appropriation).  This is a 5th Season Imperial Stout (without Schischi), which sounds like it ought to be something revelatory and the result of years of testing.

Weirdly no head whatsoever - kept it too cold maybe?  It still looks appetizing, very black and a little bit slick, with a slight perfume of banana bread.  The flavor is sort of a rum banana cake, a little bit sweet and filled with alcohol.  It has a very rounded feel, like a candy ball in the mouth almost.  There's some reminder of a Sahale rum barrel aged stout, which left very positive impressions, so there's the familiarity and nostalgia factor working for it too.  It's not a beer to simply swig down; although smooth, there's a weight behind it that makes itself known.  They call black beers petroleum in Spain, and this one definitely has that kind of essence to it.  It feels like fuel, giving off potency and power, the kind of drink that you imagine revving in the glass as you pour it.

Supplier: Labirratorium
Price: €9.50