Saturday, February 15, 2020

ah, memories

Yeah, when I saw that label I knew that beer was coming home with me.  It's a happy coincidence that it's a Baltic Porter to boot, but Naparbier's Horse Rider could have been anything and that punny image would have been worth it.  I don't know if the reverse centaur riding on a regular centaur would have been funnier...nah, probably not.  This is just the right WTF when you look at it.  It's also a little fitting for me after V day, since it reminds me to do things I love so I can love myself.  All love starts with the self, really.  And who wouldn't love riding off on a horse like that?
It's just perfect looking in the glass, all dark and heavy, like liquid pudding.  The pudding part is only enhanced by the aroma, slightly sweet, chocolatey, but with a little bitter kick.  So a dark chocolate pudding, I guess.  It's more nutty and smokey than I expected, but definitely thick and mouth-filling.  While the typical coffee is clear in the background, I am pleased not to find the hint of licorice that has been so common.  It's a very solid and regular beer, maintaining the flavor profile and weight throughout the glass.  While sometimes it's fun to have some discoveries in the middle of a bottle, it's also quite nice to have something you enjoy be the same kind of enjoyable from start to finish.  Just a simple good porter, here.

Supplier: Birra y Paz
Price: €4.50